Völkl Kendo 88 + Squire 11 ID 90 mm ski set

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Völkl Kendo 88 + Squire 11 ID 90 mm ski set

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  • Titanal Frame: More damping and stability over the full length of the ski
  • 3 Radius Sidecut: Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all mountain skiing
  • Multilayer Woodcore: The combination of beech and poplar results in an extremely durable wood core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood around.
  • Full Sidewall: Direct and strong powertransmission with full length sidewalls.
  • Base P-Tex 2100: A sintered high-density and high molecular polyethylene base with great gliding characteristics and high durability
  • Carbon.Tip: Tip material layup for high reliability/stability at the lighest possible weight.

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The new Kendo with 88 mm middle width shines with an impressive carving-performance due to the three different radius in the sidecut. This special geometry is 100% adjusted to the tip & tail rocker construction. Depending on the rider's speed or edge angle the effective edge becomes longer or shorter and the matching sidecut radius provides hold, maneouverability and smooth running. On top the Kendo 88 is built with a Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips, providing more stability and dampening. At the same time the middle section of the ski becomes stronger and allows a softer setup. As a result the ski becomes extremely lively and as well as stable even at the highest speeds. A Multilayer woodcore, framed by full sidewalls and a P-Tex 2100 base underneath rounds up the premium construction.

  • Length: 170 | 177
  • Radius: 16.8 | 18.6
  • Sidecut: 129-88-111
  • Weight (w/o binding): 1830 g | 1940 g
  • Rocker: Tip & Tail Rocker
  • Core: Multi Layer Woodcore
  • Binding: Squire 11 ID 90 mm
  • Base: P-Tex 2100
  • Skiing Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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