Uvex Athletic V S2-3 goggle

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Uvex Athletic V S2-3 goggle

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The Uvex Athletic V model inspires with its angular frame design that extends deep down over the cheeks and fits optimally into a wide range of different helmets. Alongside the lens with Uvex supravision® anti-fog coating, which reliably prevents the goggles from misting up, the automatic smooth-transition tinting Uvex variomatic® technology ensures optimum vision both on and off piste.

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€ 99,95

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From light to dark in only 25 seconds: The Uvex Athletic V goggles score highly due to the Uvex variomatic® technology for smooth-transition automatic lens tinting that quickly adapts to a wide range of light situations on the piste. This ensures the wearer has optimal vision at all times. The lens with additionally integrated Uvex supravision® anti-fog coating reliably prevents the ski goggles from steaming up. Alongside their technical features, the goggles also particularly impress with their distinctive angular frame design. The Uvex Athletic V fits perfectly into a wide range of helmet models. Thanks to OTG technology, the ski goggles can also be worn comfortably over prescription eyewear.

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