Osaka 1 Series PTK hockeystick

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  • Osaka 1 SERIES PTK Hockeystick 2018 - 32

Osaka 1 Series PTK hockeystick

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  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Bow type: Standard Bow 17mm
  • Weight class: Super Light
  • Composition: 100% Glassfibre

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€ 59,95

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The 1PTK is styled after Osaka’s most iconic model, The Pro Tour, but has been given a playful brightly coloured touch. It has been designed and constructed specifically for the talented junior player with high grade fibre glass and a thinner handle to allow for smaller hands.

The Osaka Standard Bow is an excellent traditional all-round stick shape. The maximum bow point lies at 300mm from the cross with a max height of 17mm. The handle has been made thinner to allow for smaller hands and the profile is elegant and modestly curved. This makes the design focused on great ball control and slap-shooting for junior players.

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