Evoc Protector Vest Lite men

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Evoc Protector Vest Lite men

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The Evoc Protector Vest Lite Men belongs to our protector clothing line. Back protection and wearing comfort summarise this lightweight protector vest, built for bike and snow. Comes with a Hip Belt Adjuster for continuous adjustment of the hip belt.

  • Weight: 490 g (M)
  • Back protector CE-certified (EN 1621-2): Materials and protective function have been CE tested and certified according to EU standard 89/686/EWG for personal protective equipment (PPE), category 2.
  • Coccyx protector CE-certified (EN 1621-1)
  • Backlink connection of: back and coccyx protector

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Liteshield Back Protector

The Evoc Liteshield Back Protector combines maximum protection against falls and a feather-light, highly effective construction with a great deal of flexibility. At the same time, it is completely impervious to temperature. With a residual force value of only 9.75 kN, the Evoc Liteshield Back Protector achieves a damping effect that is almost double that required. This means that about 95% of the impact force is absorbed! As is the case for most sport helmet manufacturers, we use an EPS construction, although ours is specifically adapted to back protection requirements by means of a segmented, multi-layer approach. Besides featuring excellent shock-absorbing properties, this protection concept enables fall damage to be identified immediately, so that the protector can be individually replaced.

Evoc now offers a special customer service with the free Crash Replacement of all Protector Backpacks and Protection Wear products. Like helmets the Liteshield Protector is part of your personal protective equipment and protects vital parts of your body. It should be replaced after a serious crash.


  • 3D Air Mesh: This three dimensionally structured fabric with variable thread sizes (P75D*30D) offers the optimal properties in ventilation and cushioning for the covers of paddings and shoulder straps.
  • Airbreath Mesh: Our approved upper material for Evoc Protection Wear is a functional material that is commonly used for bicycle jerseys: it is light, flexible, breathable and dries quickly – this makes it the first choice to provide a high degree of comfort.
  • Honeycomb Mesh: Dieses Textilgewebe mit Honigwabenstruktur vereinigt Flexibilität mit herausragender Atmungsaktivität. Dadurch eignet es sich besonders für die bewegungsintensiven Seitenbereiche und unter den Armen, wo viel Wärme entsteht und Feuchtigkeit abgeleitet werden muss.
  • Non Stick Velcro: Non Stick Velcro only adheres to its counterpart, which prevents it from sticking to other fabrics on contact. This reduces the damage to fabric through torn out fibres.
  • Polygiene Equipment: Polygiene is a special fabric treatment that incorporates silver ions and prevents the formation of microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi. This treatment eliminates odour build-up, reduces skin irritations and decreases the risk of fungal infection. Polygiene is also environmentally friendly, as materials treated with Polygiene require less frequent washing, thereby increasing their lifespan.
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