Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 310L

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Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 310L

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  • Fits most Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill- Bikes up to 29“, Gravel-, Road-, and Triathlon-Bikes.
  • External, separate wheel compartments with disc protection.
  • Includes Evoc bike stand, clip on wheel 2.0 and frame pad.
  • Excludes Evoc road bike aluminium stand, road bike wheel case and chain cover.
  • 2019 edition.

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€ 594,95

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€ 594,95

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The Bike Travel Bag Pro is our High-End solution for safe and easy bike transport. Based on a molded bottom case with an extra wide monocoque wheel chassis with smooth running skate wheels and front-to-end aluminium slide rails it offers a maximum in protection and travelling comfort.

Maximum protection and minimum weight

The more fragile portions are protected by reinforcing elements in neuralgic areas (plastic/PE plates and rods, foam padding). As the frame is positioned upright, the areas of the bike that can take stress (saddle-saddle post-down tube; front set-head tube-fork) are actively used to deflect impact and pressure from the exterior.

The wheel compartments and the major part of the weight are in the rear area of the bag, which means that the centre of gravity is focused on the wide, stable running gear. That is why pulling the bag has never been easier. The numerous, cleverly positioned handles make handling the bag while loading also very simple, wherever you are.

The measurements of the Bike Travel Bag are dimensioned so that you can load virtually any bike easily and safely – from downhill bikes, 29 inch bikes to triathlon bikes.


  • Volume: 310L
  • Weight: 10 kg (including Clip-On Wheel + bike stand)
  • Measurements: 147 x 36 x 85 cm (Inside 136 x 27 x 80 cm)
  • Longer maximum wheelbase: 130cm
  • Collapsible to 147 x 36 x 22 cm for easy storage
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