Elan Delight Black Edition + ELX 11.0 GW Shift ski set

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Elan Delight Black Edition + ELX 11.0 GW Shift ski set

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Elan Delight Black Edition + ELX 11.0 GW Shift ski set (2019)

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€ 649,95

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€ 649,95

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The Elan Women's Delight series are the lightest women's skis in the world. The Delight Black Edition make the lightest skis in the world also the fanciest skis in the world with embedded Swarovski crystals. The added bling-bling makes you sparkle with glamour on and off the slopes, while the carbon reinforcement makes you shine with skill and turn like a pro. With a commitment to be light and strong, the patented SimShape Technology with a thin profile and Tubelight woodcore are bolstered by the Black Edition carbon to keep the overall weight light for conversation of energy throughout the day and the overall strength high for rebound and stability at high speeds. The Delight Black Edition is made for the woman with high standards when it comes to performance, style and glamour.

Slim Shape Technology dramatically reduces the weight of the ski, ensuring that Elan women’s skis are the lightest in the world. The specific shape of the shell allows them to be thin and light, while staying durable and strong. To further enhance performance, an optimized flex pattern boosts torsional stiffness that increases the transfer of energy from the skier and enables precise edge hold and controlled turns.

  • PROFILE: Early Rise Rocker
  • TECHNOLOGY: Carbon layers Reinforcement, RST Construction, SlimShape Core Technologies
  • SYSTEM / PLATE: Power Shift
  • BINDING: ELX 11.0 GripWalk
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