Atomic Redster X9 S + X 12 TL GW ski set

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Atomic Redster X9 S + X 12 TL GW ski set

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Atomic Redster X9 S is our top X model for performance piste skiing, featuring Servotec from our Redster racing series.

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Our Atomic Redster X9 S ski is ideal if you want to do a bit of racing and then ski fast on piste the rest of the time. One of its key features is our World Cup innovation, Servotec, which makes the ski more agile in turns and more stable on straights. Then it also features our Multi Radius Sidecut, halfway between giant slalom and slalom, that’s good for both short and long turns on piste. All you need to rock the piste, all season long!

Tech Features

  • Servotec: Generates maximum agility in turns and maximum stability at speed.
  • Full Sidewall: Runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering, ideal for high-performing race and piste skis.
  • Ultra Power Woodcore: Made from strong beech and lightweight poplar – for supreme running stability and agility in our racing skis.
  • Ultra Titanium Powered: A titanium layer above and below the core creates supreme shock absorption, strong running stability and a high torsional flex.
  • Multi Radius Sidecut: The best of slalom and giant slalom combined – the sidecut for playful, agile short turns and smooth long turns on the same ski.
  • Structured Topsheet: A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish.
  • World Cup Base Finish
  • Active Camber: 0/100/0
  • Active Flex Interface
  • Tip Protector
  • Weight: 3256 gram
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